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What is a Signature Maker?

A signature maker, also known as a signature creator, has a vital role while dealing with PDF documents. SignatureGenerator is an online tool that boldly helps to customize your signature through which one can draw or type them to develop authenticity in the work produced. Our online signature maker works in remarkable ways as it allows the user to input the signature, draw or type, and convert it into image format. After that, one can download that digital signature and incorporate it into the documents.

What Does Your Signature Say About You?

An electronic signature says a lot about you personally and professionally because people establish an impression of your brand when they see one.

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Edgar Allan Poe

The signature sign with large letters displays that your personality is confident and independent. It also shows that you can be naïve and a bit dreamy.

signatures img
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The legible electronic signatures show that you are open, honest, and have nothing to hide. The illegible signatures, on the other hand, determine an arrogant personality who thinks they know-it-all.

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Barack Obama

The underlined designer signature showcases an ambitious personality where the person can be selfish and proud.

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Charlie Chaplin

A consistent lettered signature means one is adaptable and well adjusted with a modest and shy personality.

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Steve Jobs

The stylized letters showcase that the person is boastful, mean, and insincere.

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Virginia Woolfs

If you have a digital signature in small letters, it states that your personality is shy and meticulous. You have a withdrawn character and can stay focused on tasks.


Boost Your Brand with an Intuitive Email Signature Generator

Our professional email signature enhances the online presence of the brand. We create loyalty among users and promote businesses with the aid of a perfect email signature.

Best Tips to Make a Professional Email Signature

Our free email signature generator helps in making an attractive and appealing professional email signature. We find it quite crucial that the clients and customers want to know how to return their calls and emails. Following are some excellent tips that we think would aid the user in designing a creative signature online.

Color Palette:

The selection of colors in email signatures should be limited. We advise users to choose the color palette that relates to the graphic elements of their brand logo.

Social Media Interaction:

A professional email signature can include the social media handles to ensure access to and connection with clients and customers.

Strong Hierarchy:

A strong hierarchy of professional email signature templates keeps the readers' attention where it is due because it communicates the necessary information effectively.

Simple Graphic Elements:

A cluttered design of the Gmail signature template reduces the professional impact. Keeping in view the "less is more" philosophy, one should limit the usage of graphic elements and keep it neat and sophisticated.

Will the Signature Made Using the Signature Creator Be Valid for Legal Documents?

If you create a handwritten signature or type one, the question arises regarding its legality. Where online signature generator ease our life, it is essential to know if those signatures are legally binding. Digital signatures are valid for legal documents in thirty European countries and the United States of America.

An electronic signature carries the exact authenticity and legality as any other physical document with ink and pen signature.

Several different countries have established rules and regulations based on free electronic signatures. It includes The Electronic Identification Regulation, Electronic Signature Law of the People's Republic of China, and Electronic Identification, Authentication, and Trust Services. It is also important to note that different documents require different levels of authenticity; for instance, the EU has three levels of electronic signatures.

Should I Keep a Separate Paper Trail when Using Electronic Signatures?

Another primary concern revolves around keeping a separate paper trail while using a free email signature generator. People often inquire if they should regularly update the physical documents even when digital signatures are in use. While using SignatureGenerator to draw signatures online, a built-in audit trail ensures that no separate paper trail is needed. This in-built audit is a robust system that tracks IP addresses, dates, and hash fingerprints, enhancing the authenticity of the documents.

In addition to this, we store digital imprints for every interaction that occurs in a document. It means that one can log into the account and access the records. Without having to handle a stack of paper files, this signature creator develops ease in day-to-day operations. The documents from our tool hold up as evidence in courts as it helps in making the court operations effortless.

What is the Legal Difference Between a Person's Initials and Signature?

People inquire about the legal difference between a person's initials and their signature. The initials of a person are the first alphabets of their first and last names. On the other hand, signatures can be full names of the user or maybe a nickname. Adding initials on a document is not legally binding, however, using them in a document shows some terms and conditions that he doesn't agree to.

However, an electronic signature at the end of the document is legally binding and shows that one agrees. Most people like to use initials instead of signature signs to prevent the inclusion of pages that they are not in favor of. Most people use their initials as their online signature, making them legal, as they can hold them in court.

Does Your Signature Creator Keep a Record of My Signature?

Another crucial concern is if our signature maker underuse keeps the record of all your signatures. We work on the front end of the website, and no data gets transmitted to the servers. If the user exits the page, the signature is deleted.

Only the user has access to the designer's signature unless you want someone else to. In that case, one should create an account on our tool and store all the digital signatures there. The process helps launch the signature anytime so that you can meet the signing needs of the document.