Cursive Signature Generator

What is a Signature Maker?

A signature maker is an online tool that lets the user create a signature in documents and files which can either be handwritten or typed. The tool converts the signatures in the image format for future usage in documents like PDF and Docs.

Create a Handwritten Signature in Minutes

Step 1: Initially, access the online tool of SignatureGenerator.
Step 2: Choose a color and then draw the signature.
Step 3: Save and download the signature to use it in documents by accessing the system.

Trustworthy and Reliable

We ensure that the signed documents are legally binding as it meets international requirements of ESIGN ACT, UETA, and EIDAS. Electronic signatures are reliable because our online tool satisfies industrial regulations and strict international laws. Moreover, we offer PKI technology and bank-level encryption to ensure authentication and confidentiality.

Easy to Use

Our signature generator is an easy-to-use digital signature creator through which one can send excessive documents in a go while handling all paperwork efficiently. The unique cloud system secures the documents. With instant notifications and easy document management, we save your time and cost on paper while facilitating effortless collaboration.

Do Signatures Have to Be in Cursive?

It is not necessary to use the cursive font. The only requirement is that it should be handwritten and offer uniqueness and distinctiveness. Therefore, people use cursive signatures to leave innovation to the signature font. Moreover, one cannot duplicate cursive signatures, thus using such a cursive font can secure your documents.

Cursive Signature Generator FAQs

1. Do These Signatures Work in Gmail/Outlook/Mac Mail?

Yes, these signatures work in Gmail, Outlook, and Mac Mail. The templates were tested so that no compatibility issue arose. Moreover, these signatures work with all versions of Gmail, Outlook, and Mac Mail.

2. The Links are not Working in My Email Signature. Why?

The email message is in “Compose” mode, which is why the links are not working in your email signature. Another reason associated with this problem is the URL path. You should include the full URL path starting from http:// or https://. Only using www doesn’t complete the link.

3. The Email Message is Flagged as Spam. Is My Email Signature the Reason Behind This?

The email signatures are coded with best HTML practices and include exceptional HTML: image ratio. These are two criteria to make email signature spam friendly, however, other factors make it flagged as spam—for instance, the subject line or content of the email.

4. How Should an Email Signature Look? Should it be Fancy or Professional?

A workable email signature attracts the recipient's attention while being professional, where it shouldn’t be flashy or bland. The email signature must be subtle and mature as most clients ignore emails with flashy email signatures inclusive of cluttered design elements.

5. What Happens When One Uses the Default and Free Signature Generator Feature of Gmail?

The default and free signature generator feature of Gmail is workable. However, one cannot insert social links, unique fonts, and different color schemes to the email signature without which an email signature looks incomplete. The absence of a brand logo or profile picture restricts the brand’s personal customized touch.