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By: admin - March 31, 2024 - Updated: April 18, 2024


Everyone wants to do their work as quickly as possible in this technological world. However, signing and sending documents online is only a few clicks away. Are you searching for the best tool for signing and sending documents electronically? You are in the right corner! We know the best and most well-known software. Its name is DocuSign. You can use it whether you are an entrepreneur, teacher, or professional. 

Signing a contract by hand is a time-consuming method. First, you must print the contract papers, sign them by hand, and scan them. After that, you can send them to the receivers. DocuSign completes this signing practice digitally. You don’t need to print the agreement papers and scan them. So, this tool saves a lot of your time.

The prime purpose of this post is to tell our audiences complete details about DocuSign. Hence, you will also know how to use this tool. You will also learn about the features and benefits of DocuSign. It also allows you to create and use your template. Therefore, it’s a must for you to read the full details wisely. Keep reading the article!

What is DocuSign?

DocuSign is a popular electronic signature tool in this era. It lets persons and businessmen sign, manage, and send their official documents electronically. So, this fantastic software eradicates the need to scan, print, and physically send documents. However, it makes it suitable for all users to send signed documents within a second. Furthermore, this technique also saves businessmen and other individuals the necessary time. 

It is an electronic signature software that uses technology to validate persons and documents. Therefore, it is appropriate and beneficial for different industries and processes. It includes human resources, sales contracts, and legal contracts. Hence, it saves time and minimizes using ink and paper to protect the environment. Moreover, the best thing about this tool is its straightforward use. In addition, worldwide, individuals can use it at any time.

Features of DocuSign

Like other tools, DocuSign also comes with basic unique features. These features let you send and receive documents online. However, it also offers numerous different attributes that improve the functionality. Here are some features:

1. Reporting

The best feature of this tool is it gives powerful reporting attributes. Thus, you can inspect key performance pointers related to electronic signatures. It includes how many files have been fully completed per month. Furthermore, it allows you to schedule reports at particular intervals. Besides, it permits you to see data in real time. 

2. Integrations

The second standout feature is that it comes with integration features. However, electronic signatures are often part of more substantial business processes. Hence, the tool requires integration with another business tool. DocuSign has integrations with Oracle Box, Slack, Salesforce, etc.

3. Animated Administration

The third feature of DocuSign in this article is automated administration. Therefore, it eradicates at least one administrative task. In addition, it allocates the completed agreement from your to-do list. Morris says, “Once all parties finish, a fully managed duplicate is robotically sent around to ensure every person receives a final copy of their documents.”

3. Document Creation

Another standout feature of this software is its document creature feature. Thus, it allows you to make fillable PDF forms using regular PDF documents. Do you not know how to create a fillable PDF in DocuSign? Don’t be anxious! We will tell you in detail. The tool robotically distinguishes form fields within your uploaded file and converts them into signature fields and fillable fields.

Are you worried about how to add a field in this software to a template or PDF form? Don’t take tension! You can do so if you have the proper administrative approvals for the document.

5. Document Distribution

The stunning feature of this software is that it allows you to upload vast email and name lists before sending the document to DocuSign for signing. Thus, you don’t need to manually send these emails. So you can save your precious time. Additionally, the document distribution attribute is offline sending. So, you don’t need an internet connection. 

Michael Morris says, “This tool enables you to easily share time-sensitive legal files and contracts with vendors, salespersons, customers, and other this party professionals for electronic signature.”

6. Branding

For standardization, your files must reflect your brand. Therefore, DocuSign software allows you to add your customized copy and company logo. Besides, it lets you customize the colours on the documents and web pages your receiver will see. This thing aids in making a reliable brand existence during the electronic signature practice.

7. Templating

The software offers many ready-to-use templates for different contracts. It includes sales contracts, etc. If you use templates, then you can save essential time when making documents. In addition, if you want to make your template. So, you can also do this. Are you worried about how to use templates in DocuSign? don’t be anxious! Navigate the templates in the tool’s dashboard. 

8. Signer Identification

Security is a vital aspect of selecting an electronic signature tool. Although, DocuSign software uses numerous levels of signer verification and identification attributes. Before accessing the files, receivers must verify their identity before signing the document. They can’t sign or view the files if they do not approve their identity.

Benefits of Using DocuSign

Like other tools, DocuSign also has many benefits. Moreover, it offers many different benefits that improve functionality. Here are some Benefits of DocuSign:

1. Remote Signing

The first benefit of DocuSign is you can sign your documents with a few simple clicks. This tool permits you to make and sign files on any gadget anywhere. Thus, a worldwide person can do this process.

2. Time Savings

Another advantage of using DocuSign is it saves your valuable time. This software can automate many time-consuming and constant challenges on your to-do list. Furthermore, it lets users make, sign, and send their files anywhere. The main benefit of this tool is that you can save your precious time. So, you can spend your time on another task.

3. Easy to Use

Indeed, DocuSign is a very easy-to-use tool. It has a user-friendly interface that is quite simple. So, a person with little tech experience can also get aid with this software. You can make a customizable signature and put it onto your legal documents. 

Cost savings

Lastly, it eradicates the costs. It includes printing, sending, and storing contract files. So, you can save up to $36 per agreement. To save time and money, you must use DocuSign for your personal and professional tasks.

How to Use DocuSign?

Do you want to use DocuSign but don’t know the process? Don’t be anxious! In this section, we will discuss the complete process of using DocuSign. So, this tool offers a secure and convenient method for signing documents online. Thus, it also eradicates the need for physical signs, scanning, and printing the paper. Follow these steps!

Step 1: Create an Account on DocuSign

Firstly, you have to make an account on DocuSign. For this purpose, go to the official DocuSign website and tap the “Sign Up” option. After that, enter your chosen email address and create a strong passcode. When this process is completed, your DocuSign account will be created, and you can access it.

Step 2: Upload Your Document

After completing the first step, log in to your DocuSign account. After that, you will see the software’s homepage. At this moment, if you want to begin to sign your document. Upload the agreement paper you want to sign or send. Tab “New” and then select the “Sign a Document” or “Send a document” option. Moreover, you can upload your document from your device or cloud storage. Further, this tool lets you select templates that are already available.

Step 3: Add Receivers and Signature Area 

In this step, you have to add receivers to your particular documents. Thus, enter the email of the individual who must sign the document. When you added the recipients, now drag and drop the signature area onto the document where you want. Additionally, this excellent software provides customizable fields. It includes signature, date, and text fields appropriate for your documents.

Step 4: Customize Email Message

At this step, you must customize the email address you send to the receivers. You can also choose extra options. It includes signing documents, adding an expiration date, and letting allocation to others. To access these options, click the “More” button in the upper right corner.

Step 5: Sign or Send the Document

You can sign or send your document to the recipients by customizing the email address. Hence, Tap the “Send” button and deliver it. The receivers will get a link in their email, and they will sign the document online. When the receivers open the mail, tap the link to sign the paper. You can sign the paper using the touchscreen, upload your signature image, and use a mouse. 

Step 6: Track and Manage your Document

After you have signed or sent the document, you can track and manage it. You can also see the person who signed the document when they signed it. Further, you can also see any pending signatures. Thus, you can also message the receiver who has not yet signed the documents for signing it.

Who Can Use DocuSign?

A large company, a small business, and a single person can use DocuSign. Thus, you can also create and sign your documents if you are not professional. Furthermore, government schools, agencies, and healthcare and technology corporations can use it easily. Indeed, you can use this software for all types of contracts in any line of work.

How Do I Modify The Signature Field On DocuSign?

DocuSign provides many options to Customize the signature field. You can change the signature field on DocuSign as you want. To customize the signature field, you have to follow the following steps:

Step 1: Log in to Your DocuSign Account

Visit the official website of DocuSign, enter your email and password, and log in.

Step 2: Choose the Document

Select the document for which you need to add a modified signature field. Thus, tap on the “Upload” option and upload the document.

Step 3: Access the Signature Field

Choose the document, then tap the “Sign” button. After that, you will see the signature field options.

Step 4: Customize the Signature Field

You can customize the signature field by selecting from several customization options. Here are a few key options you can change:

  • Signature Style: Choose the signature style that you want to use. Yet, this tool provides three beautiful options. It includes Type, Upload, or Draw.
  • Signature Font: Change your sign’s size and font type.
  • Signature Colour: Select your favourite ink to sign the document.
  • Signature Placement: You can put the signature field in a suitable place.

Step 5: Preview the Signature Field

The critical step is to preview the signature field before confirming the file. 

Step 6: Extra Adjustments

 If you want to adjust the signature field further. So, you can do this task. You must again go to the customization options and change as you wish. 

Step 7: Sign or Send the File

Finally, you can sign or send your document to your recipients. You can deliver the file via email or other ways.


To conclude, DocuSign has become a popular signing and transforming document online. The standout feature is its user-friendly software. So, we have assembled the above information about DocuSign. You should choose this tool to enjoy the online signing process. Furthermore, this platform is perfect for you. Thus, go to its official Website, create an account, and begin signing your documents. 

It makes it suitable for all users to send signed documents within a second. You can use it whether you are an entrepreneur, teacher, or professional. If you encounter issues using this tool, our support doors are open 24/7. You can also visit our Website daily to get the newest articles and learn many more things. Moreover, don’t ignore to share your views on our detailed talk in the comment area. Good luck!

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