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How to Make a Digital Signature

By: admin - March 25, 2024 - Updated: March 25, 2024

Would you like to know how to create a digital signature? You are in the right corner! Here, you will learn how to make a digital signature yourself. Further, you will also know the importance of digital signatures in the digital world. In the ever-evolving digital world, online document signing is preferred. 

Everyone wants to know how to make digital signatures in this digital world. So we wrote a comprehensive guide for them. However, if you also want to sign your document online, this article is specially written for you. Keep reading!

Basics of a digital signature

A digital signature is an electronic signature that validates the validity of digital messages. However, it is also the safest technique for signing electronic permits. This way of signing makes the documents tamper-proof and ensures the signer is actual.

The digital signature practice utilizes cryptography to verify the signer’s identity. On this page, we will discuss the most suitable and uncomplicated strategy for making a digital signature. So, carefully read how to make a digital signature article and effortlessly make your signature.

Method of Creating a Digital Signature Using an Online Platform

Step 1: Choose an Authentic Platform

Various online platforms exist to create wonderful digital signatures. You can choose from DocuSign, HelloSign, Adobe Sign, and others. However, you must select a reliable medium that fulfills your requirements and provides authentic attributes that meet your needs.

Step 2: Sign in or Make an Account On Platform

After choosing an appropriate online platform, sign in on it. However, you can only log in if you have created an account. Moreover, make an account if you still need to.

Step 3: Upload Your Docs

You can upload the document you want to sign when your login process is finished. You can upload documents in considerable formats, including Word, JPG, PNG, and PDF.

Step 4: Create Your Signature

You must use the platform’s tools to make a digital signature. You can create a digital signature in the following ways:

  • Drawing it using a mouse or stylus,
  • Uploading a picture of your handwritten signature,
  • Using the platform’s tools, you can create professional and unremarkable digital signatures

Step 5: Place Your Signature

After creating your specific signature, you can place it on the papers where you want. You can also drag and drop the signature onto the required paper and resize it according to your needs.

Step 6: Recheck and Finalize

You must recheck the document to ensure the signature is correct. Check the placement of your signature and other important details. When you review all the details, you can finalize the document.

Step 7: Save

In the last, when you signed the document and reviewed it. You must save it to your laptop, PC, Windows, or cloud storage.

Benefits of digital signature

Here are the following benefits of digital signature:

Security: Digital signature offers security features to help you make sure a legal document isn’t changed. Security features include asymmetric cryptography, PINs, cyclic redundancy checks (CRCs), (TSP) validation, etc.

Time savings: The second benefit is its time-saving process. Hence, digital signatures save time in the following ways:

  • Storage and exchange
  • As well as quick access to the signature of the document

Other Benefits

  • Cost savings
  • Traceability
  • Offer positive environmental effects
  • Timestamping


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