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By: admin - April 27, 2024 - Updated: April 27, 2024

Do you want to know about s-signature? Then you are absolutely at the right corner. Here, we are going to tell you about the basics of this signature, its method of usage, when you should use it, its downside, and a few examples. As we all know, the modern business world is digital. So, you have to do any sort of business with companies or people in any corner of the globe. 

There are many straightforward ways to sign a document online instead of using the physical method. Furthermore, many people use an ink pen to write their name or a stamp to validate their approval of an agreement. These signing procedures are under the wet signature category, as well as traditional and slow methods. Do you want to quickly and remotely sign your documents? Then, you have to use modern and advanced techniques to sign your documents.

If you want to know about /s/ signature, you must carefully read this article and understand every point. Keep reading the article!

What is an s-signature?

It is a method of signing an electronic document using a typed signatory’s name rather than the actual signature. The signatory types their name on the signature line of a file using a forward slash on both sides (for instance /jimmy Doe/). Furthermore, it is a form of e-signature that officially exchanges the signature on a file without using an actual signature. On the other hand, in conformed signatures, which are the type of s-signature. However, in this s-signature type, the signatory is using an “s,” and forward slashes are put on either side of the “S” and then typed name (for instance,/s/jimmy Doe). Moreover, this signature name rook from the conformed signature style.

For example

  • S-signature: /John Doe/
  • Conformed signature: /S/ John Doe

How to use /s/ signatures

Well, adding a signature to an electronic file is as easy as eating a piece of cake. Additionally, there are some laws and requirements you have to follow to confirm whether your e-signature is valid or not:

Step 1: Use Letter, Arabic numerals

The foremost thing you have to ensure is to use only letters, Arabic numerals, or a combination of the two in your /s/signature. For instance, /John Smith 78/.

Step 2: Appropriate Spacing

You have to comprise any suitable spacing between first and last names.

Step 3: Relevant Punctuation

You have to use any other relevant punctuation when it is required. It includes hyphens, periods, or commas. For instance, in the case of a double-barrelled surname like “Smith-Jones,” you have to sign as/John Smith-Jones/. 

Step 4: Use Forward Slashes

Another thing you have to make sure of is that your signature should be between forward slashes. Therefore, it makes it valid.

Step 5: Added by You

Lastly, if utilizing an /s/ signature, you have to add it by yourself instead of a third party.

Examples of S-signatures

  • /John Doe/ John Doe
  • /John Doe/ Reg No. #12345 John Doe
  • /John Doe #12345/ John Doe
  • /s/ John Doe Reg No. #12345
  • /John Doe/

When to use /s/ signatures

Do you want to know when to use /s/ signatures? Then you are at the right corner. Here, we will tell you the details of when to use /s/ signatures. However, you have to review the requirements for the type of file being signed and the official requirements in your region. The laws ESIGN and UETA don’t cover the authenticity of these signatures but also the situations under which one party could reject or refuse that signature’s legitimacy. Hence, the laws or the understanding of those laws can fluctuate between organizations and states. Thus, ensuring you are employing an /s/ signature accurately can save an ideal deal of time and money.

For instance, in Florida, LLC documents can use a conformed signature, but integrated documents cannot. Moreover, you will also see several government agencies will accept a conformed signature. However review and recheck the documents before submitting any files with a conformed signature to confirm it meets the recipient’s rules and regulations.

Some of the government agencies that accept conformed signatures include:

  • Federal circuit court of appeals
  • Federal Communications Commission.
  • Federal Trade Commission
  • D.C. court of requests
  • The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
  • Some district courts. It includes the Central District of California or the District of Columbia.

Why use s-signatures?


If you are doing business or running your own company, the option s-signature may aid you in conducting business more rapidly by speeding up the signing way. For instance, when filing a patent form, you can swiftly use a form-fill tool to add a unique digital signature. Therefore, it is the best example of when you prefer to use /s/ signatures rather than a wet signature. You can digitally sign your documents on your laptop, P.C. window, or smartphone. 


E-signatures are essential to increase the growth rate of the business. Furthermore, electronic signatures are necessary when you can’t meet face to face, so you can do the signing process remotely. Thus, you never want technical problems to get in the way of assembling signatures. However, this signature makes it easy to gather them, regardless of an individual’s gadget or tech savviness.

Easy to Use

Creating an s-signature is as easy as typing something on the document. Moreover, you can make it without using any complex tools or software. It Will allow you to do business hurriedly regardless of how officially persuaded you or the other individual is.


Current business is moving faster and faster. For that reason, e-signature permits you to sign files and send them to the sender again within a few seconds or minutes. Hence, you can also eliminate several awkward methods with faxed or email agreements.

Drawbacks of basic S-signatures

The main downside is that it can be created using something such as M.S. Word. As we all know, M.S. Word lacks security and an audit trail. As a result, if the document is tested in court, it will be challenging to prove that you are the one who signed the document while the receiver signed using an s-signature. Don’t be anxious. You can dodge this by utilizing an authentic online signature maker. 

The online signature creator will create the audit trail, secure your recognition, and even add a document hashing on your side. Even so, this way will ensure the authenticity of your file and will prevent it from being confronted because it is an s-signature. 


To sum up, it is a form of e-signature that makes it possible to sign an extensive range of documents without using a wet signature or other signing procedures. Therefore, an S-signature is easy to make, handy, and convenient for several people. However, they have a few downsides that are relevant to security and validation. But you don’t need to take tension. You can avoid this issue using a different online signature maker. Stay connected with us and stay updated on the latest post. Good luck!


Q1. Will a court accept this type of signature?

Yes, the court will accept an S-signature. This type of signature is legal in court as local and state laws accept e-signatures as an official way of validating the documents.

Q2. What is the meaning of forward slashes in S-signature?

These slashes are in s-signature to represent that the sign was created mechanically and digitally.

Q3. Can I create this signature for free?

Yes, of course, you can create an s-signature for free using different and reliable online signature maker tools. 

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