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Signature Types

By: admin - April 26, 2024 - Updated: April 26, 2024

Are you tired of signing your documents traditionally? Do you want to explore different signature types? Then you are at the right corner. For several years, the only likely way to sign a contract was the handwritten (traditional) way of signing a document. Writing is done by hand on paper using pen and ink. Therefore, times are different nowadays, and many other document signing methods have been discovered.

A signature refers to an inclusive personal mark, symbol, or written representation of an individual’s name or nickname. With the technological transformations brought by the digital world, many other forms of document conclusion. It includes e-signatures and digital signatures, which are well-known in business. 

This article will explain to you what a signature is and its different signature types, such as wet signature, clickwrap signature, initials, symbols, marks, etc. Check out our wet signature article to decide whether or not it’s excellent and suitable for your needs. Keep reading the article!

What is a Signature?

A signature refers to an inclusive personal mark, symbol, or written representation of an individual’s name or nickname. However, a signature is a unique mark that confirms people’s approval or validation of a document message. In order words, it’s a visual depiction of an individual, name, or other identifying details used to indicate their validation, agreement, or confirmation. Therefore, it has been used for several years in various content. It includes financial documents, personal communication, contract, legal, and agreemental documents.

In this advanced and digital world, people prefer to use electronic and digital signatures instead of traditional signatures. Therefore, electronic signatures can be created using a digital pen or signature generator. Hence, it is best to sign contracts electronically. Without doubting, autographs play a critical role in assuring the integrity and legitimacy of contracts, agreements, and legal documents. 

There are different types of signatures, each with its unique purpose and uses. Now, let’s explore different signature types today. Further, if you are searching for the signature pad. Then, Check out our latest signature pad post.

5 Different Signature Types

There are various ways to make a mark on contracts to validate your agreement or authorization. Below we are going to the essential types of signatures that are vital in business in modern times.

1. Electronic Signature or E-signature

An electronic signature is a signature that is created electronically instead of a handwritten traditional signature. However, this signature type is becoming increasingly famous nowadays, as are many transactions and online agreements. Furthermore, its other name is e-signature. Moreover, electronic signatures are becoming widely known as a legally binding signature form. 

The main thing to make sure of is that an electronic signature meets the legal requirements in your jurisdiction before using it in a legally binding file or contract. E-signature could be as simple as a scanned image of your wet signature. On the other hand, it could be as complex as a signature drawn with a stylus on a touchpad.

When to use e-signature

E-signatures are perfect for most online communications where proof of identity and contract is vital. These include sales contracts, human resources documents, financial documents, online agreements, and others. Furthermore, any contract that doesn’t have a wet signature can be signed with this type. In addition, this type of enhancement is easy and saves time.

Method to create an e-signature

Creating an e-signature is not a difficult task. Hence, modern technology makes it a breeze. However, you can create electronic signatures by using different and genuine generators online. Furthermore, many platforms let you draw, type, or upload your signature online. That’s it, and you can make your own e-signature easily and according to your requirements.

2. Clickwrap Signature

The most used signature on online commerce websites is the clickwrap signature. Therefore, it is unassuming but powerful in software licenses and online transactions. Clickwrap signature is in the form of a checkbox you need to hit to permit a purchase or note that you have agreed to a term of service. Additionally, you have to check various clickwrap signatures when registering for an account on online services. 

Clickwrap signatures are legally binding as long as the ideal process and guidelines are followed. You can use these signatures to get simple consent, such as terms of service or end-user license agreements. Therefore, they are not a substitute for signatures on agreements.

When to use clickwrap signature

It is best for online transactions where terms and conditions apply. Furthermore, it is best for situations where crystal clear agreement is required from other persons. On the other hand, the traditional handwritten or digital signature is optional in this situation. Other uses include software downloads, membership sign-ups, and e-commerce checkouts.

3. Wet Signature

A wet signature is a traditional way to sign a document using pen and ink. It is a handwritten signature of a person to sign their personal and legal documents. Furthermore, it is the most personal and often reflects a person’s identity. When a person signs a check, jots down their autograph on a check, or seals a wedding card, they use a wet signature.

When to use a wet signature

Although advanced technology has introduced various traditional signature substitutes, but there are still situations when this signature is mandatory. It may include signaling legal documents such as deeds, divorce papers, wills, etc.

Method to create a wet signature

Though, creating a wet signature is as easy as eating a piece of cake. The best tip for creating this signature is to explore a design that indicates your personality or brand, but make sure it’s simple enough that everyone can recognize it. However, creating a wet signature is not complicated; thus, picking something practical and extraordinary is perfect.

4. Digital Signature

It is an e-signature with an extra layer of encryption and authentication. So, it is one of the most secure signatures and minimizes the risk of fake. Therefore, it provides an advanced level of security compared to a simple electronic signature. 

When to use a digital signature

This signature is best for high security and legitimacy purposes. It includes governmental documents, high-stakes corporate contracts, or legal agreements. Therefore, provided its secure nature, this signature can offer peace of mind to all parties included.

Method to create a digital signature

To create a digital signature, you have to follow a few more steps than the other signature types. This type usually requires a digital certificate from an authentic certificate authority. Hence, it confirms that the identity associated with the signature is verified. Many online platforms allow you to easily create digital signatures.

5. Initials, Symbols, & Marks

Below is the breakdown of these signature types. Let’Let’slore initials, symbols, and marks:


It is the first letter of a name. Sometimes, people prefer to use their initial name letters rather than full names for ease and conciseness. This feature is usually used in legal documents requiring numerous pages to initiate.


A symbol refers to any image or character that signifies the person. Historically, personal seals or family crests were used, but a symbol can be an exceptional design or sign in the current context.


It refers to a signature made by a person who can not write. Usually, it was an ‘X’ ‘ another unique spot, but currently, any exceptional, reliable mark can serve this aim.


In summary, electronic and digital signatures offer a convenient and secure procedure to sign agreements online without requiring challenging steps. A digital signature could be as simple as a scanned image of your wet signature. On the other hand, it could be as complex as a signature drawn with a stylus on a touchpad. 

Moreover, numerous tools and online platforms make it simple to adjust and use electronic and digital signatures to sign contracts safely from a laptop or other gadgets. Please read this article carefully if you want decent information about signature types. Visit our website daily to get the latest articles about signatures. Check out our electronic signature article. Good luck!


Q1. What is the most challenging signature type to copy?

The most challenging signature type to copy is the digital signature. It is more secure against forgery than the other types. So, investing in this digital version of your sign is vital for security use cases.

Q2. Which type of signature is most professional?

Both handwritten and digital signatures have professional use cases. However, the most professional signature type is the digital signature. 

Q3. Which type of signature is most common?

The most common signature type is a wet signature. Furthermore, it is a traditional handwritten signature, which most people use.

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